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Are you a Skimbacoer? A dreamer, a doer, an adventurer of the world? Would you like to share your story at Skimbaco Lifestyle?

We have an amazing team of writers, and in addition Skimbaco Lifestyle has featured several great writers in the past, as writing weekly columns and as guest writers.

Some of our previous staff writers include: Katie Goodman of Good Life Eats, Pia Lila of Maurelita, Adrienne Shubin of The Rich Life (on a budget), and Nina Varis of Tunnetila.

Some of our previous guest writers include:
Andrea Peskind Katz of Great Thoughts, Desiree Miller of 60 Second Escapes, Frankie M. Thompson of As the Bird Flies, Kari Svenneby of Active Kids Club.

One of my favorite guest writer stories is about my mother-in-law Donna Presnal, she guest blogged here several years ago, and her local newspaper found her through Skimbaco Lifestyle, and republished her blog post, and now she is a permanent columnist for the newspaper. It has been very inspiring to see where the guest posts on Skimbaco Lifestyle has taken people.


Guest posting at Skimbaco Lifestyle Online Magazine

We currently don’t offer ”topic is free” type of guest posting possibilities, but are looking for topics that fit our editorial.

Currently we are looking for guest posters for following features and topics:
My Skimbaco Moment – what was your moment of living life to the fullest.
Global Kitchen – culinary postcards – blog posts with a travel story and a local recipe from the location.
Skimbaco Home – home decorating posts.
Skimbaco Food – food and recipe posts.
Inspirational posts how you live Skimbaco lifestyle, how you live life to the fullest.
Cocktails & Dreams – cheers to travel – cocktail recipe and where you would like to drink it.

We welcome deep links to your own blog or business if they benefit our reader, and help you to showcase your expertize. We want to feature and promote how amazing you are!

However – we do not offer guest posting possibilities to people only write guest posts to gain linking to their businesses or their clients. We are looking for authentic stories from our community. From YOU!

If you are interested in guest blogging, please contact katja (dot) presnal (at) skimbaco (dot) com

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